Youth Liberation is a charity startup that promotes the civil and human rights of young people under what we see as a full and fair reading of the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. We support a society based on ability, not age, where young people can exercise every right they’re capable of exercising, and parents and guardians give young people the same protections that disabled adults enjoy. We advocate freedom and equal protection for children and youth, according to their ability.

Our current team consists of:

Svend la Rose, president and West regional director

Elijah Manley, vice-president and South regional director

Christofer Nigro, secretary and Northeast regional director

Amethyst O’Connell, treasurer and Midwest regional director

We are looking for new members and welcome your support. To get involved, email secretary (at) youthliberation (dot) org.


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